Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 8 & 9 Elizabeth Harborne 1647

Slow progress ...
It is amazing that it took me two days (about 5 hours) to stitch the next band... just couldn't focus and needed lots of breaks for naps...the frustrating thing about this band was that even though it looks like there are repeating motifs, the chart reveals subtle variations within the pattern.  Normally this is precisely the thing that I enjoy about blackwork but just couldn't find my rhythm this time. Perhaps my body was making up for all the nights when I was not able to sleep at all - the good news is that this morning I am finally feeling better so with some more napping and resting perhaps I will be able to resume 'life' very soon!

So, slow progress but progress none the same - "mind over matter stitching"...

Day 8  - Beginning this band...
The Song of my Needle

End of Day 8 -  Elisabeth Harborne
The Song of my Needle

Start of Day 9 - Elizabeth Harborne
The Song of my Needle

So this is what I faced on day 9 ... sat down to stitch around 1pm, stitched for a few minutes and then took a nap!

After a lot of breaks and naps ....

Day 9 Elizabeth Harborne
The Song of my Needle

Day 9 Elizabeth Harborne
The Song of my Needle  
Finally finished the band!
Lots of symbolism in this band.

On another note :
There are many things to figure out about blogging.... I know it takes a lot of time at present and perhaps I have not yet figured out a quicker way.  I still have to figure out how to reduce the resolution of my pictures and watermark them and I have to make this a priority.  I have received many nice comments and some of you have asked about online classes, my designs, my other needlework etc...
This is a new venture for me and I started 'blogging' because I wanted to figure this format out and had the time because during the first week of this cough/flu episode I could not 'do' much of anything at all.   I spent a lot of time on the computer during this time.  I would love to hear your thoughts about  my 'blogging' so far because so many of you are more experienced on this topic.  Also, if you have specific suggestions and requests please do write. I wonder if showing my progress as I work through a project is something you like seeing  or if there is something else you would rather see etc....
So, please do give me your input... I do not have an issue with sharing my needlework adventures, I think we can learn a lot from each other but wouldn't want to just add to the 'chatter out there in cyberspace' and waste your time...or mine.  My focus is always to spend my time in  a meaningful way and as I start to feel better and know that I will be resuming my normal schedule by next week I want to make sure that my 'blogging experiment' has brought you some pleasure.  It will give me a way to judge if this experiment becomes part of my routine or not.  I can then make the time to figure out all the details and blog more 'professionally'.  I appreciate your input.


coral-seas said...

Hi Nupur, welcome to Blogland! I am sorry to read that you have been unwell but I am pleased that you are beginning to feel better.

My advice re the blog is just to let it develop into what feels natural and comfortable for you. Some people blog daily, or weekly, I tend to blog when I have something to say. You need to figure out your own rhythm and blog style.

I would love to see your Japanese embroidery and beading when you are working on these. In the mean time, I am happy watching this sampler progress. :-)

Pam Tanner said...

This is turning out very pretty. It reminds me very much of a band sampler I did called the Grateful Heart. A lot of similar motifs in it.