Monday, May 20, 2013

My First Blog! & Elizabeth Harborne 1647 - Day 4

My First Blog

I want to thank all of you for your kind encouragement - your comments impelled me to start my first "official blog".
I decided to use the name I have used for my own designs when I taught at local venues or exhibited my, after spending hours yesterday researching things on the internet related to 'Blogging' I decided to give it a try...  here is my blog then... called "The Song of my Needle" and it will feature some of my needlework adventures in years to come.  I look forward to this new venture.

At the moment I will use it to show more pictures than the ones I post on Nicola's site so that I do not take up too much space on her site. 

Please bear with me as I learn the in and outs of this forum ...

Day 4 : Elizabeth Harborne 1647 - reproduced by The Scarlet Letter

Status :  spent a lot of time on the internet so not much stitching got done... however, I have finalized the colors and dyelots I want to use so things should move along pretty well in the future.

Dye lot decisions  - Day 4 E.Harborne sampler
The Song of my Needle

When you examine the colors of the middle tones on the bottom - you will notice a slight difference in dyelots.  The one on the left is what I had kitted up a long time ago but decided to exchange it with the 'greener' one on the right from my stash....

Final Colors - E. Harborne sampler
The Song of my Needle

Here are the final colors - besides changing out the blues I also changed the ones that have my  thimbles next to them

Finally time to stitch !
The Song of my Needle

 another view of the colors and the 'progress' to date...not feeling well has slowed me down ... but then I was also spending a lot of time on the internet these past few days 'gathering information' and 'doing research'... good excuse isn't it?

Decisions on Bullions
The Song of my Needle

 Stitching through the night .... trying to make up for lost time - next decision to make : Bullions
place them as charted (on left) or place a bit differently (on right_... amazing how long it took me to focus my brain and hands to make these - something that under normal circumstances would have not been an issue.  I will probably take them out again and restitch them when I feel better because they have 'issues'....

Early morning - stitching thru the night - Day 4
The Song of my Needle 
 Status of things as of this morning around 5am...still not quite comfortable.  Tried scanning the picture to see if more detail could be studied from the picture that way... not very successful because of the light colors.... so, back to wishing that there was a larger picture I could study...


Nicola said...

Welcome to Blogland Nupur. I am sure that many of us are going to have great enjoyment following your stitching journey.

I know that I will be learning from you too, thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Vera said...

Beautiful stitching Nupur. I know I will enjy your blog!

A Canny Stitcher said...

Welcome to blogland, Nupur, from another blogging novice. Your stitching is lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your needlework.