Sunday, July 28, 2013

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 23

Finished up the project  I designed for submission today and decided to work on the sampler again for about thirty minutes this evening.  I decided to establish the start of the remaining bands for the rest of the sampler just to figure out the color distribution.  The other thing is to also figure out if I want the lettering to be upside down as charted.  When I started the sampler my plan was to stitch it just the way it was charted but now I am not so sure... at the moment I am leaning towards just stitching the letters so that they do not appear upside down. I also think I am going to add a band to stitch my name and date etc. so I have added the white and light green lines before the last band in Holbein stitch.  These are just ideas at the moment - probably still in the 'design mode' after finishing the silk project. Still have to write an essay on Color etc. and get things packed up to be mailed off on Monday.  After that I will have to design and start another project due for submission in September ... but I have decided that I will plan to finish this sampler before my birthday.
Anyway, here is a picture as of tonight
Elizabeth Harborne - Day 23
The Song of my Needle

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