Sunday, October 20, 2013

Taking a break ... or gettting something off my 'to do' list....

Stash thanks to Elizabeth and adding to it "my own" birthday present

After receiving some of the items that have been on my wish list for a long time the other day
I have spent some time today looking at all the things I want to stitch "in the future".... reading/rather looking at the new books, looking at all the threads and possibilities and ideas in my sketch book makes me fully aware of the fact that no matter how much I try I will always have more ideas and stash for many lifetimes!

 So, after much deliberation
and putzing about, trying to be logical and practical and staying on my well thought out path....

AND even kitting one of the new samplers up (yesterday) .... but not starting :)

Margret Gatis - kitted with 40ct. Sandstone linen
and  trying to resist the urge to start something new all day -  I finally gave in about thirty minutes ago, got some threads together, a piece of linen and with lots of 'ideas ' just decided that it is time to start making one of the ideas a reality

a new start !!!!

..... this will be a project that hopefully will be a quick one (plan to work on it for the next week or two in the evenings) and will result in a good old fashioned "huswife" ... one that I can then use to tote my threads for Margret Gatis and Ann Scutt around in one place .... I will be taking bands from various places, inventing a few, adapting some, perhaps adding some  drawn thread, pulled thread, reticella... who knows make this "happen"....and I will continue working on Elizabeth Harborne also... not too much more to go on that one anyway - just a bit boring when all the new ideas and stuff are flooding in again!   So, here goes... it will hopefully finally result in a huswife - I could just follow one of the charts I have but designing this is more fun ....

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