Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A New Beginning - Ann Scutt, c. 1675 ... started on Dec.20,2013

Hi Everyone!
It has been a while since I have posted - things have been busy on all fronts.  My intention was to finish Elizabeth Harborne by Christmas but an error in packing things for the holidays necessitated a
change in plans.  I packed Elizabeth's linen and threads but forgot to pack the instructions... but I successfully packed all of Ann Scutt and Margret Gatis! 
So, I decided to start Ann Scutt ... got things ready and have stitched for just about an hour on Dec. 20 and then this morning.  I am using 35 ct. ivory linen, AVAS silks and at present Bohin Tapestry needle #28 (but I switch needles in different areas depending on the stitch and what 'feels' right).  Luckily I had packed all that along with a 'junky pair' of scissors and my Dovo foldable ones.
I know that all of you who know me also know of my love for my Dovo scissors (3set Anniversary model) - I am now not taking them along when I travel.  I am most pleased to report that the foldable Dovo scissors do not disappoint... I have used them now for a variety of techniques and so far so good... the 'junky pair' is for all purpose use (paper, metallic etc.)... so I now have a good TSA approved set for travel again.  The only other scissors that I love are the handmade professional Japanese embroidery scissors... there is such a big difference between machine made scissors and hand forged/ hand honed scissors.

Anyway, here is the progress so far...

As of Dec.20

Ann Scutt - 35 ct. Ivory linen, AVAS silks
The Song of my Needle 

Ann Scutt - The Scarlet Letter
The Song of my Needle
 As of Dec 23 night....
Ann Scutt - The Scarlet Letter
The Song of my Needle
 As of this morning, Dec. 24...

Ann Scutt - The Scarlet Letter
The Song of my Needle


Jennifer said...

I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog on the progress of your projects. Your work is beautiful and I find it helpful to see your progress in detail. After seeing your completed Ann Scutt, I decided that it would be my next start for the new year. I purchased the pattern from Scarlet letter and am using a piece of fabric from my stash. To my dismay the pattern doesn't tell which specific AVAS numbers to use. From your photo I could make out the numbers for the red and blue. Would you tell me what the numbers are for the green and gold and also the second gold color you worked in later on? Thanks!

Nupur said...


AVAS Colors recommended :
1716 Blue - 4skeins (5m each) recommended ; 2 full skeins used + a bit of the 3rd skein
2116 Green - 4 skeins (5m each) recommended ; 1 full skein used + almost all of 2nd .(20"left)
3823 Gold - 4 skeins (5m each) recommended ; 1 skein + a bit of 2nd skein used + SWITCHED TO 3825 darker Gold (8m) - have about 40"left; used both lighter and darker colors on top of the sampler to introduce the darker color and then I think I just used the darker color on the bottom part (I'll check the actual sampler but the pictures on the blog will also show the details on placement)
2926 Red - 1 skein (5m)recommended; only used very little; it is only used on the top and then not at all ...

I also evened out the edges so that the entire sampler has a similar width; changed the placement of some of the stitches just to have something interesting to stitch etc...I think I added a thinner band with my initials and a bottom border at the end of the sampler...

Hope this helps you out. I did not like the faded almost invisible stitches using the lighter gold and used the darker color from my stash. The color in between the two was too light still so that is why I used the 3825 color.

Jennifer said...

Thank you! I already know what you mean about evening out the edges. I was already planning that. I'll let you know how it goes.