Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ann Scutt 1675 - Day 4 - & another new start : Margret Gatis 1711

Only had a little time to stitch on Thursday, Dec. 26.  I have been thinking about all the needlework projects I would like to tackle in the New Year as well as what I would like to focus on most.... still trying to sort through things in my mind.
          Anyway, here is the progress as of Thursday night...
Ann Scutt - Day 4

I have been thinking about all the stuff I would like to do in 2014 and after the past week of non stop activity and late nights I was too exhausted to do much else ... my plan had been to start Margret Gatis on Christmas Day because of the colors but then did not do so .... so I started just about an hour ago on a whim.   So here are the first few stitches into that sampler...   

Margret Gatis - a new start!

Margret Gatis
40 ct. Sandstone, AVAS silks 

 Hope to finalize my thoughts on my 'major' projects soon and also decide what new needlework adventures lie ahead in 2014!

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