Saturday, January 18, 2014

Status report - after Day 6

I thought it would be good to work both Margret Gatis and Ann Scutt together on one frame.  And it sure is ... it is interesting to note how very similar color schemes, stitches and motifs are developed differently.  And then as I worked through both samplers my brain kept thinking of all the variations different needlework techniques could provide with the same design.... that is one of the things that  I find so fascinating about needlework!  There are endless possibilities that can provide me with endless hours of enjoyment...all with a humble needle and thread!

One of the emails concerned silks vs. cotton thread.... all the samplers I have 'blogged' about here have been done with Au Ver a Soie silks. I have done other reproduction samplers with cotton threads ... I will discuss this more at a later time after I take photographs... BUT for now I do want to address this here... there IS a sheen to cotton thread also and it is just as appealing in the end... depends on your stitching and technique.  For some types of samplers I do feel silk gives you an additional luster but in most colorful samplers I truly feel that if the budget doesn't allow the 'silk version'  don't be disheartened and deprive yourself of the enjoyment of stitching a sampler that appeals to you.  I will take pictures to illustrate this 'sometime' in the future but I hope this helps... stitching something that appeals to you is good for the soul... enjoy the journey and try to do the best you can at that moment in time - that is my motto anyway!  I feel lucky that in the times we live in we have so many possibilities, techniques and books available to us...

SO, without further ado - here is the status of both Ann Scutt and Margret Gatis after 6 days of stitching on both; both of them are a testament to enjoyable hours of stitching this past month.  I would have been further along if I had not had the trouble trying to post on blogs - hours spent trying to figure out computer issues and then just as the problems had cropped up they miraculously 'went away' (fingers crossed ;0 ) - wish life's problems would be that easily solved!

Day 6 does not mean however that the same amount of hours were spent on each sampler - Ann Scutt had less progress because of busier days and increased tiredness in the evenings....I rarely concentrate on speed of stitching, 'clocking' hours or progress - the blog has started me keeping track of 'days' and that is as far as I will go with it.... it is a hobby for me and I will continue to concentrate on the enjoyment factor not the speed factor... I think my needlework will always remain a testament to how I chose to spend some of my time "after work".     

Day 6 : Status Report on Ann Scutt (left) and Margret Gatis (right)
The Song of my Needle 

Day 6 : Ann Scutt
The Song of my Needle 

Day 6 - Margret Gatis
The Song of my Needle

Have a great weekend!

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Cactusneedle said...

I also love working with silk for the way it stitches up. It seems to glide thru the linen. Hey, most any "specialty" thread is fun to work with - overdyes, etc. But I do still enjoy working with DMC. It's so nice to have so many choices.