Saturday, March 8, 2014

Margret Gatis - Day 12 & 13

Continuing on with the cutwork band - the instructions called for a greenish/taupe colored DMC cotton thread but I chose to use Ecru to make it more of a whitework band.  I  wanted it to be part of the other whitework bands above and below it. 
I have always liked various cutwork techniques - this one was fun - I have been away from  needleweaving and or hardanger type techniques for quite a while and it was good to get back to doing a bit. It is quite time consuming on this 40 ct. linen especially because the linen threads varied in thickness - another linen would have been more suitable perhaps. The fillings were done over the past two evenings.
Here are some of the progress pictures :
Margret Gatis - Day 12 & 13 -  Finished band
The Song of my Needle
Margret Gatis - Day 12 -Starting the band
The Song of my Needle
I enjoyed working the variations on both of the flowers.  Just positioning the dove's eyes and satin filling stitches differently on the petals of the left and right flowers brings a different feel to both flowers.  It is good to see that simple solutions like this can be quite effective.  
Margret Gatis - Day 13 - left side of band
The Song of my Needle  

Margret Gatis - Right side of band
The Song of my Needle

Margret Gatis - Completed band
The Song of my Needle


Cactusneedle said...


Terri said...

Gorgeous! I love your work!

Heritage Hall said...

Exquisite work...brava!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your photos are stunning, they really show the beautiful work you are doing.

Your cutwork is as neat as the work we saw in the V&A this week, believe me that is a real compliment!

Maria del Valle said...

So beautiful work!!!