Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"SH" sampler and a new idea & practice project

Well, I did not make as much progress as I would have liked thanks to my erratic shoulder issues.
So, I do not have much to show....
however, I've had ample 'thinking' time though and it seems that I am coming closer and closer to making a decision regarding some of my activities.  It is interesting to note that the very thing that attracted me to a certain project or study years ago ceases to challenge me after some years.  Not because the challenge disappeared but more because my heart wants to do something different, perhaps because my skills improved/got added to and suddenly the very thing that intrigued me about a program is the thing I find constraining and limiting.  I am slowly realizing fully and consciously admitting to myself something that my heart was already 'murmuring' to me years ago but I was not listening to that little voice then because I was still convinced that it is best to 'finish' something once started....lately,  I am not so very sure about this idea and long held belief anymore... perhaps it is time for me to explore my own path... some of my own designs and ideas ...  let's see where all this leads me ... I have already come to a decision on this but want to wait a bit before taking action - it is best not to decide 'major' things when in pain and in a 'weakened' mode.  Perhaps, once I feel better, I will continue to find a way to continue all my activities at my usual pace and intensity.
Anyway, this is a small amount of progress on "SH" :
"SH" sampler - resuming where I left off years ago
Some of you may have read my post in other arenas that I am desperately looking to find (and purchase) fine cotton threads (DMC or Anchor Special a broder No. 20 and finer) ... I have an idea for a project... and it would be nice to work the project in the older, more traditional threads.  I have received some leads that I will follow up on but if any of you know of a place or have some of these threads in your stash and are willing to part with them, I would be most grateful.  I was eager to start working on some of the ideas and started a small practice piece this evening...  exploring areas and some techniques... this is just a start...
Exploring and figuring out ....


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Maxine D said...

To thine own self be true - you go Nupur, and show the world your true talent.
Love your work on the SH project.