Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Unearthing another UFO ... the beauty of Blackwork/ Holbein stitch

I was really hoping to start working on my Japanese Embroidery and tried to do so last night... stretching my right arm as required is not yet possible...have to figure out how to work around my frozen shoulder and deal with the pain on the weekend in the morning not at the end of a day.
One good thing about this frozen shoulder episode is that I am getting less sleep than normal - the pain usually wakes me up and then getting back to sleep is almost impossible.
This morning I retrieved another sampler from my UFO (Unfinished Object) sampler drawer.  It is one that I had enjoyed working on sometime between 1998-2000 (will check my paperwork later)  but then had put aside for some reason or the other.
 So, here is where I had left off on my next sampler - it is "SH" 1683 reproduced by Margriet Hogue of The Essamplaire.  This is about one third of the sampler and this part is mostly Holbein stitch or running stitches usually called Blackwork.  I had stitched all the bands reversibly... figuring out the pathways to be able to do this is what I really find intriguing in this technique.   

Close up of "Back" of the band to date....

Close - up of the front of the last worked band


Krista said...

Beautiful Nupur!!

Maxine D said...

Oh Nupur this will be another masterpiece - love the way you use colour!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful stitching! Do you have to work out the pathways for yourself? Does the chart give any help in the direction of your Holbein stitches? I look forward to seeing your progress. Best wishes, Dianne

Nupur said...

Just some clarifications regarding :
COLORS : the colors were predetermined by the original sampler and Margriet chose as close a match as she could when she wrote up the instructions. I have made one change though; I changed the beige color which was too close to the background fabric color ... Switched it to the darker color visible in the acorn.

HOLBEIN : sometimes the pathways are drawn out but in this case they are not... I enjoy workin them out as I stitch