Monday, September 22, 2014

Another band ...

Another band - just two and a half bands left to go!
The positioning of the colors are a bit different - also chose to work some areas in a pulled thread version of the four sided stitch just to add some texture 

Added a zig-zag line of stitches in the area marked with my stiletto...the space was bothering me a bit so I decided to adapt the design a bit

On the shoulder front - the recurring pain cancelled all plans for the weekend and  I stayed home 'resting' with the hot water bottle and this sampler.  This pain was different to the frozen shoulder pain from before - it was probably caused by my falling/tripping over a chair while teaching my Japanese Embroidery class last weekend ... I had been successful in avoiding hitting the right shoulder, my forehead and any other areas as I fell backwards but the back of my shoulder had hit the chair anyway... this after an active week in the office had caused the area to be quite achy by the end of the week.  Well, resting had helped but then another treatment using Indian acupressure technique, this time on my foot, relaxed the area completely last night and things have remained 'comfortable' since.  Amazing results with simple techniques!  Thank you all for your emails and good wishes.
Appreciate your kind comments on my stitching too...


Anonymous said...

I once had frozen shoulder. I can now lift my arm. Had to endure about three months of physical therapy. Extremely cold weather bothers a little bit. I do hope you can conquer this.
Your sampler is beautiful!


Maxine D said...

So glad to hear you are on the mend again - what I had thought was RSI has turned out to be a fractured wrist... :-(.
Your stitching is beautiful Nupur, and I am in awe of it.