Saturday, September 20, 2014

Continuing on .... "SH" sampler

Stitching into the night with more Montenegrin stitch variations to keep my mind off the shoulder issues.  Even though I optimistically reported that most of the pain is gone most of the time,  I am finding that after a lot of activity some of the pain returns and the spasm like pain intensifies at times.  The solution is to allow time for rest and a hot water bottle....and something to keep myself distracted with... that is how I spent some hours in the middle of the night... and also how I will be spending most of today...
here is last night's progress:
Last few bands left to go...


Anonymous said...

You are making great progress. Your stitching is looks beautiful.
I am sorry to read you are still suffering with the shoulder pain. I hope the healing process is complete soon and your shoulder will be pain free.
Best wishes, Dianne

Maxine D said...

Nupur I am so sorry to hear your shoulder is still giving you issues, but so glad to hear you can still stitch, even if it is in the middle of the night. The next bans are looking fascinating.

Anonymous said...