Saturday, November 15, 2014

About plans, UFOs, new starts and honing techniques...

I have recently read many blogs discussing the merits or non-merits of unfinished projects; lots of discussions of if it is worth finishing things if one has 'gleaned' the information one needed from a class etc.  While this is an entirely personal decision, the one point that I would like to make is that there is merit in finishing a project even after one has perhaps moved beyond it technique wise over the years it languished in the unfinished project drawer.  It hones your skill, teaches patience and strengthens discipline and best of all refines your skill and deepens your knowledge... all important traits for any 'current', more difficult project that you might be involved with presently AND if shared with others brings pleasure to friends and family even if you personally may have moved beyond it.  My blog posts since April of this year where my frozen shoulder side lined a lot of my current projects are perfect case in points... I am glad I was fortunate to have  'UFO drawers' with a variety of different types of projects to keep myself busy over the most painful months this year.
Now that I am starting to feel much better about my frozen shoulder I am starting to refocus my thoughts on my current projects and hope to delve into them fully by December.  My shoulder is still 'frozen' but in the absence of pain for long periods of time, I am gaining the range of motion and stamina back little by little.
So, this is the status - I will continue working on Tree of Life by Lynn Payette but will not show various steps here on my blog like I have with the other projects - mainly because I have emailed and called Lynn but have not heard back from her and do not know how she feels about my 'blogging' about her projects. I have decided to keep that project around for the the days that I am too tired to work on something else since all the 'fun stuff' is already done and now I just have to 'finish' some of the branches.
Yesterday, I tried once more to work on my silk embroidery but was not too settled with it yet... so, I looked through all the things I planned to do ....and found three projects that I had prepared, kitted and put together to be worked on at some point.  It is amazing how fast time goes by - they were at the time I kitted things up fairly challenging for me years ago... now they will still be good to work on because they address techniques I want to hone anyway but at the same time I will be truly tracking how long it takes me to work on each element for the first time.  This should give me some insights on my pace which is not fast at all... I will be working them in front of the TV so there may be a bit if time spent being distracted but that is okay.  These projects are all from the textbook the Royal School of Needlework published many years ago and I was lucky to buy it at the RSN shop when visiting Hampton Court then.
One technique that always fascinates me is realistic technique so that is the project I decided to start yesterday.
This is a picture of all the preparatory work I had done years ago:

For those who were hoping for more pictures on the Tree of Life design - I will post a finished picture in the near future.

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Maxine D said...

Lovely to see you again Nupur - THank you for sharing the length of time you have been dealing with your shoulder issues as my DH has one.... we can see now that it will be long road to recovery.
I love the look of the start of the iris - it looks fabulous.