Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas tablecloth - Happy Holidays

 December - a month that is always linked with my brother's birthday and holiday celebrations and decorations.  I enjoy decorating the home with Christmas decorations and candles and even though Christmas is not a religious holiday for me I do respect the significance and the sentiments.
So, even though I had not planned to start new projects this year, I did - I started working on this pre-stamped tablecloth kit by Rico Design last Sunday, on the first Sunday of Advent - using a hoop/stand which is not common for me but I am trying to make friends with my hoops again because of their amazing portability.  Here is one of the motives finished in time to wish you all a quiet Sunday on the 2nd Sunday of Advent.  So far, only Santa decorations have been up to celebrate St. Nick's day (Dec. 6) and now slowly I will introduce other ornaments and decorations into the home and office.  Wishing you all the Best for the Holidays!  

 These kits from Germany are quite pretty and even though they use simple stitches I enjoy them - they still hone my skills and have plenty of threads to allow for a bit of 'personal interpretation'.
Please excuse the hoop marks and wrinkles - have a great Sunday. 


Krista said...

I wish you a very happy holiday, Nupur! Your stitching is so beautiful. How interesting that your kits are from Germany. They are known there for their Christkindlmart. I hope to visit there someday for the holidays.

Maxine D said...

Oh Nupur this is a beautiful kit and you have made a wonderful start to your cloth.

Kate said...

It's beautiful!