Monday, February 2, 2015

Continuing on... focus, intention, new beginnings...

This past month has been action packed as always.
My needlework time has been very focused on continuing to use various types of needlework as a form of physical therapy.  I am at this point longing to get back to my silk embroidery and continue to strive to regain control over my shoulder movement... things have improved considerably but I am still not happy with my silk embroidery results yet...still issues with tension/shine so I am continuing to figure out exercises to try and build up strength and flexibility and regain more range of motion.

Earlier in January I was trying to sort out many things; when going through my stash I came upon a sampler kit by The Examplarery - it is a simple sampler, predominantly cross stitch but one that had appealed to me because of the color combinations.  Joanne's kits are always a joy to work with; her instructions are clear, her diagrams are so explicit and her stitch pathways eliminate the need to figuring them out which is something I enjoy so much so most of the time I do not use the specified pathways just to keep it interesting.  Her classes are an amazing way to gain so many more insights and put things in historical context.
Anyway, I was trying to figure out what I could do to keep exercising the motion required when pulling silk up and down through the fabric - and decided that the Ann Bowers sampler from my stash would be a good fit... simple stitches but perfect to try and build stamina and increase control.
Had it ready to start in my stash for years!

All the movements are still painful but the arm/shoulder feels stronger as I go through the motions - so I know this will also yield good results in time.
So, I will continue to practice my only intention for this year : Savor each moment and continue working on this Newport, Rhode Island sampler.  The color combinations are quite intriguing!
Here is my progress to date :
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  So this year begins, much like the last ended, with my still trying to overcome the issues relating to my frozen shoulder... continued lessons in patience, gratitude, focus and intention... amazing power of mind over matter!
And, in some ways this is an example that sometimes it is good to have a variety of things in my stash.    


Maxine D said...

I agree that the colours in this sampler are fascinating Nupur. Congratulations on your perseverance!

Ellen said...

I fully agree with you about Joanne's kits being wonderful, especially her very detailed directions! I hope you're enjoying working on Ann as much as I did!

C Reeder PhxAz said...

Years ago when I had a stroke and lost the ability for my brain to tell my arms what to do, my physical therapist was a cross stitcher. It was through a lot of hard work and continuous, long term efforts that I was able to complete a very simple piece of cross stitch. As a result, cross stitch is very near and dear to my heart. When you go through a struggle like this, each stitch becomes more precious than the last. I wish you only the best in recovery and assure you that the efforts of motion will pay off in the end! Keep up the good work and please do keep us posted.