Sunday, August 30, 2015

Stitching simply? Needlework essentials - a matter of preference...

These past few days I have been thinking about how I am so used to always taking a "few" needlework things with me when traveling  anywhere.  I do not even consider them as 'weight' or 'cumbersome'; they are for me more precious than my clothes actually.
With all the travel this summer I had decided to work on a Hardanger tablecloth and here are some pictures my husband took of me working away in the hospital (some without my even knowing!) In case you wonder - I am wearing a mask throughout because I was running a fever, had a cough and cold and am still dealing with the aftermath of all the 'fun' we have been having this summer...

I have been wondering why I could not have just taken the project, a hoop and maybe a book-light/small magnifier combo with me - didn't need any books etc. since I was developing the design.... I realize that over the years I have just become accustomed to a frame, two handed embroidery and good, magnified light along with good tools (scissors, tweezers, thimbles, laying tool, good needles and pins) and find I do not stitch at all otherwise.

I do have all the various types of paraphernalia as you may suspect in my stash and have been trying to convince myself all last week that I need to perhaps try out my hoops, sit on hoops, hoops with lap stands or clamps etc. and simplify things a bit.  I have even taken them all out but then keep hesitating! I have not even tried them again yet because I do not want to crumple up my fabric!

I posted a question on this same topic last night in a few Facebook groups because I wanted to see what the majority of people use : a hoop, a frame, a stand or in hand when they stitch samplers or work on hardanger type projects.
I am intrigued by the answers so far - most seem to use smaller hoops or Q snaps or just stitch in hand and some use frames only for larger projects.  
So, I am not sure if becoming so pedantic about things is such a great trait - after all, beautiful needlework can and is done all over the world with simply needle and thread!