Monday, September 7, 2015

Good things....

Well, lots of good things happening in my little world :
- I am finally fever free and feeling 'normal' since Saturday
- my frozen shoulder is definitely a thing of the past - most range of movement has been restored thanks to Indian acupressure techniques and daily, gentle movement
- all tests I had them do to try and get to the bottom of these cough/fever/cold episodes revealed ALL numbers well within the range!
My final conclusion : refocus my mind and find a different way to deal with things.  So, I am on that quest now discovering all sorts of new things!

Since Saturday, I have continued my refining and editing of my needlework stash area AND I finally 'found' the sampler that I had slated to start this year... it was very logically kitted and placed in the 2015 folder but then had been placed back in the old system!  So, I will start this on my birthday this year instead. 
It is very therapeutic to just play with stash... after the 'fun' times these past years,  I am finally resetting my goals and daring to plan again!
I am continuing to try my hand at stitching in hand, watching the U.S.Open tennis matches and organizing/playing... just enjoying the Labor Day weekend at home.
More travel planned... my father-in-law's issues remain and will continue to impact our lives... but that is okay - he needs our help;
Thank you all for all your encouraging words.... and look for more needlework related posts on various topics from now on! 
"Savor each moment!" was my motto at the beginning of the year ... plan to do just that!  


Maxine D said...

Napur you really have had a challenging year(s) - I do hope things go well for you from now on.

sudip das said...