Sunday, September 20, 2015

Traveling with my needlework

Since my post with pictures of my large hardanger tablecloth project, many of you wondered and asked how I take such a large frame with me everywhere.
Well, we just got back from another flight to Florida and I wanted share these pictures with you to show you how portable things really are!

This is ALL I take with me : the tube contains my horizontal bars with my fabric rolled onto it;  the zippered pouch has the everything else, the magnifier fits into the padded pouch next to my laptop in my carry-on;  if my project is smaller then it fits into my carry-on and I do not need the tube. 

Contents of the zippered pouch: clamp, vertical bars, another pouch with all my threads and my needle book and tools and thimble case; the tube showing my wrapped fabric and horizontal  bars
All set up in less that five minutes and ready to go!

I have tried to stitch in hand and with just a hoop also and so far I am not so sure if I like the results so much - I guess I have been used to scroll bars and stretcher bars and the drum tight feeling of slate frames or similar frames like the Millennium frame above.  It is less 'hassle' for me to have the frame set up and have both my hands free to stitch;  I also prefer less wrinkles and 'handling/crumpling/rolling/holding' things  in one hand and stitching with the other.  The sewing method is not as accurate for me so far - the threads sometimes twist or my needle sometimes pierces the thread of the previous stitch etc. I guess I still have to practice and perfect the technique of sewing in hand or with just a hoop.  I prefer the control on many things that a frame affords me - I can concentrate on the stitch and the tension and texture with a frame but find myself fidgeting a lot with stitching in hand.  I will keep trying but I suspect that my conclusions will be the same as many times before.  It is a matter of preference of course but I do want to continue practicing in hand for a bit longer this time. 


Ann said...

I completely agree with you about stitching on some sort of frame. I'm told I could stitch so much faster in hand, but I wouldn't be nearly as happy with the quality of my work. I think that's more important than being the fastest stitcher on the planet.

Maxine D said...

I hear you Napur - and I agree. I am waiting on a hoop that I can sit on in the hopes of being able to have both hands free to stitch.
I far prefer working with a frame of some sort, even if it does mean I have to use a hoop, which I have managed with to date, but there is a big project going begging as I want to be able to use both hands.

D1-D2 said...

I am definitely going to try this trick if I ever have to take my scroll frame with me.

Kath said...

Ever since I found Millennium frames, I've found my stitching to be so much better. The only time I use a hoop is if the project is just too small to fit into their frames.

May I ask what magnifying light you have? I've been looking around and I love that you can attach it to your frame.