Saturday, October 17, 2015

Plans and schedules are meant to be changed it seems...

Thanks to all of your well wishes on my birthday - I was amazed how many of you remembered!  We made a glorious 3 day weekend of celebrating the day since Monday was Columbus Day.  
I really wanted to stay home this weekend since we have hardly spent time at home lately.  The weather was absolutely excellent - beautiful Indian summer days that add to the celebration each year. We had planned to go to my parents' home for dinner but as I stepped out of the house I seriously twisted my in the car anyway but then the pain was too much to deal with so we turned around after just  a few miles on the highway... spent Sunday at home too with my foot elevated ... BUT I didn't mind because I had finally started a sampler that has been in my stash for years!  Initially, this sampler, though intriguing, intimidated me a bit... now I find myself looking forward to the challenge ahead!  My plan had been to post things on my birthday in the evening but that changed; then I planned to post about my progress to date this weekend but that too will have to wait... we got a call from the doctor this morning and head back to Florida tomorrow instead of the latter part of next week as planned.  I will take this project, along with the Hardanger tablecloth with me but I suspect that our time will be spent differently this time...things do not look good with my father-in-law's health.
Plans this year seem to be elusive in our lives ... rolling with the punches is a better description of our life lately.
Here are just a few pictures showing some of the colors of Fall in New England - the colors are not as brilliant this year because of the dry summer and we are not yet at peak color - maybe by this upcoming week but Fall in New England is quite special every year.

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Maxine D said...

Beautiful colours Napur - we do not get colours like that where I am :-). Do hope you ankle heals well. It is hard when the older generation is not well and you are having to travel frequently and unexpectedly.