Friday, May 27, 2016

Continuing on with the last band of Frances

It has been a while since I last posted ...
Have been busy with life and my silk embroideries lately.
Just decided to sit down and watch some movies on Netflix and work on finishing up this sampler. Hope you all have a good long weekend (Memorial Day in USA).  It is a busy weekend with lots to do but I am looking forward to working on this sampler this weekend and enjoying some movies in the evenings.
 Here is a picture of where I left off months ago : 
My Version / adaptation of Frances Cheyney


Maxine D said...

Good to see you again Nupur - and I am looking forward to seeing more of this wonderful sampler

Nupur said...

Thanks Maxine ... Hope all is well on your end?

Anonymous said...

Dear Nupur,
Your stitching is wonderful. Thank you very much for sharing your progress. You give hope to a stitcher like me that one day I could stitch some of the samplers you have completed. I appreciate the way you break the sections into smaller parts and explain the stitches and steps that make up the whole. You encourage us to try new things. I love Holbein stitch now after deciding to start in a small way (small squares of stitches) after "watching" your progress on your sampler. Also, I have tried some needlelace stitches so maybe one day I could start Frances Cheyney :) Thank you very much. Best wishes to you, Dianne