Thursday, June 16, 2016

Serendipity / Quaker mystery SAL

Now that I am participating in this impromptu cross stitch Mystery Quaker sampler stitch a long I have also been reading up on what 'being a Quaker' meant.
I found two ideas attributed to the 'Quakers' and thought I would share them here .... 

These are universal truths in my mind expressed in many parts of the world and seem most appropriate in this age where we are surrounded by so much 'noise'. 


Maxine D said...

Thank you for sharing those proverbs Nupur.

carol fun said...

Wonderful proverbs... where could I find a link to the Quaker Mystery Sampler? I love Quaker pieces... thanks!

Nupur said...

Hi Carol,
The mystery SAL group is now closed - it was offered by Martina of Wiehenburg designs on Facebook; one had to sign up during a limited time period . I cannot share much of it here - one gets the next page once you finish the page and send a picture to her of your finished page... It is a delightful piece so far, simple cross stitch, and everyone can choose their own colors, fabric etc.
It is a great idea and fun to work - I needed a simple project as an inbetween project and this fits the bill perfectly.
Of course, I have myself two challenges - reversible and stitch directly from my phone!