Monday, November 28, 2016

A mandatory pause ... time to think!

A fall on a hidden metal rim and an uneven surface ... assuming it was an even sidewalk.... a bit banged up and bruised and a twisted ankle so I thought initially. 

Lots of wrong decisions made - continuing on with 'scheduled activity' instead of taking a moment to pause.  Will power and focus are good up to a point ....
X-rays reveal fractures in my leg/ankle, hand etc. ... could have been a lot worse - instinctively shielded my eye with my hand.

So, mandatory 'rest' of all extremities now - time to reflect and reset my thinking and plan ahead... thankful that this lesson was not as tough and life changing as it could have been ....


Maxine D said...

Oh Nupur what a way to be 'stopped' for rest and reflection!! Praying you find this time fruitful.

harada57 said...