Saturday, January 14, 2017

Weekend theme : Snow and Whitework

The weekend theme in a needlework group on Facebook is : Whitework & Snow
... I have taken many photographs of snowy landscapes and have done many Whitework techniques - pictures of which are just not readily available right now - so just one picture of a recent snow storm ❄️ ⛈ and some of the pictures taken from my blog should suffice for now. I love Whitework techniques and am always intrigued by how within each variation there is much to explored and learned.

One of these days I have to photograph my Mountmellick, Hardanger, Reticella , Drawn thread and Schwalm pieces.
So here is just a sampling of pictures from recent work I have shared here on my blog in greater detail over the years. Hopefully they will whet your appetite to this amazing group of needlework which looks so intricate but actually is not that hard and a lot of fun to do ...

I do hope you give it a try. Start small and on larger count of linen but do try!

First snow of this winter - December, 2016
A snowflake of sorts
My version of Frances Cheyney sampler

My design using Schwalm techniques
Fleur de Lys sampler

Not true monogramming technique
Margret Gatis sampler
A monochromatic sampler of sorts

A screen shot of another lesson I had to learn last week and a picture (not mine) I shared on my Facebook page :


deb said...

Your whitework is lovely! Frances CHeyney is amazing, but I'm especially partial to Margaret Gattis... Am now having second thoughts about the way I've avoided samplers with whitework all these years.

Maxine D said...

This makes me want to pick up my needle again - it's been way to long.

Joanne O'H said...

Nupur, your whitework is amazing and so beautiful! Did you teach yourself or have you been to lessons?

Nupur said...

Thanks Joanne - self taught ... start small and give it a try

Nupur said...

Deb - do give them a try ... just start with intermediate level ones ... it took me a long while to get started on Frances Cheyney because it is for 'very, very advanced stitchers'... I had it in my stash for a long time ... but then when I did start it, I felt comfortable to figure it all out thanks to all the other samplers and projects I had done prior to it...

Nupur said...

Maxine - just get back to even just one project

Ellen said...

Your workmanship is absolutely incredible!!

Sandra Therese Heavey said...

Hello Nupur, I am new to your blog and enjoying it. I was directed to your site via Google while searching for Frances Cheyney (I love finding new and not-so-new stitchers/needlewomen). Your work is beautiful, your stitches exquisite! Thank you for sharing.

South Kilkenny

Nupur said...

Thank you Sandra for your kind words. I had emailed you earlier this week and hope you got it. Love visiting your town and country!