Sunday, February 10, 2019

An unplanned sampler start : Frances Burwell by The Examplarery

I started the Frances Burwell sampler by The Examplarery on a whim while watching the Australian Open tennis championships - didn’t like the idea of just sitting there in front of the TV and also needed a way to stay awake at the weird hours if I wanted to watch the games ‘LIVE’.  After enjoying stitching on Frances Burwell and watching the Australian Open tennis games I have been working on this sampler off and again. 

I had skipped to what for me were the more ‘boring and repetitious’ parts during the games and leaving the more interesting bands as an incentive for me to return to it so that it would not be relegated to the ‘WIP (works in progress) drawer’ and be one more thing ‘pending’ on my list of things to do.

I have been remiss in posting some things that would be worth sharing - it may help some of you ... I will in the near future I promise.  

At the moment I am finally getting all my own ducks in a row and need the time to think and plan my path again - just grateful that I now can finally do so like I used to without making any caveats anymore ... my hands and my stamina are finally on track so my mind is free of trying to reign in my ideas and compensate and be patient for a bit longer.

This sampler has proven itself to be a good one while busy organizing things in my stash and in my mind ... 
here are just some photos for you all to see the beauty of this sampler ... Joanne Harvey’s instructions make it fun and easy also for ‘distracted, tennis watching stitching’ !
A perfect solution for stitching from stash on a project that otherwise would have remained in my stash for a lot longer ...

Added on February 11,2019
Some of you have asked me here, via email and on Facebook messages as to where to get the kit.  I know that one could get it directly from Joanne Harvey but I purchased my kit directly from Colonial Williamsburg - you could call them or order online ( and then put the name of the sampler in their search area - it is hidden somewhere in their ‘for the home’ tab).  I am sure any brick and mortar shop or online shop in your area could order it for you too.

Frances Burwell - February 10,2019


deb said...

Every time I see someone working on Frances, I'm tempted - she's such a beautiful sampler. Brilliant stitching method you came up with to keep her from deciding to hide in the WIP drawer.

Clare said...

Wow,where did you get your pattern form. Love your progress so far. Happy Stitching.

Debby said...


Maxine D said...

Exquisite - and so glad to hear you are back to full health Nupur.

Glenda said...

Hi Nupur
Your work is absolutely beautiful. I love seeing the back of your work, just as pretty as the front.
Talk to you soon.