Sunday, June 23, 2019

Some thoughts - continued

I had begun writing a blog post last Friday at a time when I was not feeling too great ... my stomach continues to be touchy and is stopping me from getting much done in any area, but I digress.  I thought I had put the post in the 'Draft area' because I got sidetracked by 'technology'.  I realized that my lengthy post in March after returning from Advanced Class at the Japanese Embroidery Center where I attempted to share some thoughts and reasons had never posted (!) and  was sitting in the Draft area.   Anyway, this is just to explain the rather abrupt post on Friday - I had planned to insert some photographs of my slower than planned progress on the Norwich Sampler.  I will rectify this here now for those of you who are following this simple but charming cross stitch sampler with interest:

Part of what I was trying to say also in my last post was that I have restricted my blog posts mostly to samplers and western embroidery and that I have shared many more things on my Facebook page - shared links and articles there (too many perhaps) on a variety of topics.  I do think that many of them have the common underlying threads of mastery, passion, focus, heart. I know that many of you are not on Facebook but may find some of the embroidery related links I find through my 'research' as I browse the internet just as interesting.  Even though I like the 'sharing' on Facebook, I do wonder about the communications and about some of the ways people just 'take your posts and share' without giving credit or thanks or taking the time to comment or say anything.... it is similar to what puzzles me here on this blog -  few people comment here or subscribe but when I look at the statistical analysis there are some posts that have over 500 views and some of the whitework closeups I so naively provided in full resolution because of 'everyone wanting to see more details' without even 'marking/watermarking' my photographs are over 1000!
It is also interesting to note that when I provide a link to the new blogpost on Facebook, traffic increases, comments and likes ensue there but rarely here ! I have met many people who have told me in person they love to read my posts but I had no idea they did since they had not subscribed or commented.  Some of my needlework friends want me to share on Instagram ... I have watched some of the things there and it puzzles me even more ... videos are available briefly there and then 'disappear' just as quickly as they arrived.  I must confess I do not understand the ins and outs of 'technology', of bombarding /marketing laterally on various platforms with the same images.  I know that this constant bombardment of info must be effective,  people are earning money somehow or launching/promoting their business in this manner.  The sheer string of # (hashtags) attached to each post is interesting to observe.  I know there are a number of things I have to sort out, a number of decisions to make - all of that takes time.  And, again, I am not writing all this here 'looking for likes or comments' - just trying to assess if it is worth my sharing anything at all - all of this takes time; no problems with me on that IF there is relevance and IF this has a value.  There are certainly a multitude of images of all sorts of embroidery available on the internet and I certainly don't want to add to the 'noise' since I am not an expert.  There are plenty of people with much greater knowledge of techniques and historical context.  I addressed this in my March post - suffice it to say that the world of the professional embroiderer is a world that inspires me.

For now,  I hope I can figure out how to attach some links to my blogposts here and also to find out if you feel this is of value.

Here are just three links I have shared on my Facebook page many times before

Joy Jarrett of Witney Antiques on Samplers

An interesting video with the director of the Cluny museum

making a tapestry :

After seeing some of the discussions on Facebook regarding providing details on samplers because of people 'stealing' the information,  I have gone back and reduced the size of all my images here even though I know that this is no 'protection' per se and that those 'stealing' have already gleaned all the information and incorporated it.  The reason for me to go back and do this is not to 'protect' my embroidery ... I have my work and pictures and some of my own smaller designs that I so enthusiastically shared have already made it to Pinterest etc.  The main reason is to try and 'protect' the work and copyright of the designers of the samplers. Most of them provide closeups of the original samplers on their websites anyway and share good pictures on Facebook so that I can 'study' and 'compare' or further research things on my own as I am apt to do but it was never my intention to provide people with clear magnified pictures... I have described and shown closeups of many techniques - the idea was to share my experiences and show some ways of how I work through my projects - some of the questions being talked about on social media now have been addressed in previous posts here - just studying some of the pictures provides many clues.  I sincerely hope that showing such detail did not harm the business end of things for some of the designers.  I know from a few of them that my blogging about certain samplers or crewelwork pieces brought in some orders for them.  I do hope that will continue... I choose to believe in the goodness of mankind.


Plessiewill said...

The Norwich sampler is lovely, Nupur. It had never caught my attention before I saw your progress.

As for the issues with Instagram and Facebook I just ignore them or they depress me. I am very selective in where I show my finishes or progress and I don't think I will ever change that. I can understand why you are apprehensive because you do so much that others want to use for their own benefit.

Francesca said...

As always you are doing a lovely job with the Norwich sampler, love to see how perfect your stitching is.
About all the rest, I believe it's a lost war from the beginning...all is visible on the web can be copied but this is the risk one has to take together with the many benefits that Internet provides; what's for sure is that copying something is not so easy as seems so probably the time involved is so much that buying an original chart is way much easier for the most.
For other embroidery styles copying is not easy as well as most of people needs instructions and those who have the ability of doing their own generally don't need to copy others works as are able to make thier personal projects.
My personal thinking is that all this issues on copying and stealing are a bit overstated as the benefits designers have in being visible on Internet are way much more than what can damage them, otherwise none will have continued in doing this job.

kiwimeskreations said...

I can understand what you are saying Nupur, but I loved the larger images of your work, simply because it is so beautifully executed... you current sampler being an example of that! May you find you way in this crazy world of technology. Thank you for the links!

Fran├žoise said...

Nupur , I read your blog with translation , but I like it very much . This makes it possible to see something else , and since I am not on social networks , I appreciate your effort . Keep sharing, this is the most beautiful ; Kiss I hope to see you in november

DebK said...

I am new to your blog, a good friend of mine shared a link. I am in love with this sampler! Is that a laying tool you are picturing with the sampler? Although I am on Facebook, I don't use it very often. I mostly got onto to see pictures of my grandchildren. Other than that, I don't use it that often because I'm just not a fan. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you so much for sharing.


Anonymous said...

I am guilty of being a low tech person. I don't use facebook all that much, and I don't subscribe to blogs because I'm not thrilled to have my email box spammed with stuff I'm not ready to read. About once a month, I'll go through the few web pages I've bookmarked and catch up on things going on their lives.

Your blog is one of the few that made it to my "I give a care" list. Also, I can squarely blame you (in a most loving way) for some of the stash that has come home to me. :)

Please do whatever you feel is best for you. Those who read your blog on a regular basis will understand and support you in whatever decisions you make.

- Sue