Thursday, October 16, 2014

Autumn Frolic - some changes/refinements - still pondering

Many of you emailed or commented on the Facebook groups that the project was "a great finish".  While I do appreciate all your positive comments, I was and still am 'bugged' by a few areas.

The main areas of concern to me were the yellow flower/stem and the larger blades of grass - a minor concern is the asymmetry of the right hillock/my shading due to thread issues.
The yellow flower was stitched exactly as drawn and even though I know that Crewel embroidery can be more whimsical, I did not like the way the flower seemed heavier, the single stem stitch stem did not seem to support it well and the center of the flower seemed 'off ' - the perspective of the whole thing was off to me.  The larger blades of grass were supposed to be stitched with two rows of stem stitch per blade of grass in variegated silk...and they seemed stiff to me - like fingers/no movement etc.
Anyway, here are the pictures - before and after - it is one attempt to address these 'issues'... I ran out the yellow wool totally and had to use small bits from my orts area.  I contacted the designer, Barbara Jackson, and she responded immediately, explained that they had used an outside source to package the kits at one point years ago and had run into some problems with that, and that she will mail additional threads to me right away... so when they arrive, I may just take the entire yellow flower out
and stitch it again! I did not have enough of the darker gold color to truly shade the petals so most likely I will stitch it again.  Not too happy with the grass still so I am still not calling this project 'finished'. The hillock had thread issues so that may still be corrected.  If my arm does not cooperate then they will be corrected otherwise I will get busy with my silk embroidery and then this project will disappear in the 'finished' drawers!  ;)

So, here is 'before':
Here is the 'after' - Version 1 :

A close - up showing the changes :

Center of flower : Additional french knots in an attempt to reshape the center
Stem area : addition of another line of stem stitches and filling in with satin stitch and silk threads.
Grasses : using whipped stem stitch and a bit of satin stitch at the tip

I would be curious to know your opinions on the 'issues' I am having with this; it is entirely possible that I am over-thinking all this anyway.
Would truly appreciate your comments


Ann said...

Two suggestions: First, walk away for several days. Put it where you cannot see it. Then, bring it out again, but set it up across the room. Do not look closely. Glance at it periodically but don't stare. If it still bothers you, then restitch. You may find what you're seeing now will vanish after a few days away and then a few days afar.

Maxine D said...

I agree with Ann, but I also think the slightly heavier stem on the flower, and the extra french knots give a better balance. I can see why the grasses bother you after the softer curves in the rest of the piece, but cannot offer a solution.