Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Continuing on...almost there

Just a bit more to go - took a bit of fiddling because I was running out of of some colors of threads so had to use small bits and pieces... squirrel, background and evaluation/refinement of a few spots left to go... will finish this after work this evening ... fun to work on just took a bit longer than expected thanks to thread issues!
Just a bit more left


Giovanna said...

I've just found your blog - what beautiful stitching! This piece is so charming, looking forward to following your progress.

laceystitcher said...

I also just found your blog. Beautiful stitching!Thank you for sharing.

Pam in KS, USA

Anonymous said...

petit à petit, cela prends forme, et, c'est très joli, voire magnifique!
Bonne continuation

Maxine D said...

Loving watching your progress Nupur - it is a beautiful piece of work.