Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Little Quail" - Finished!

Another UFO finished!
Here is my version of Lynn Payette's Little Quail.  I checked on my project data for this piece - I worked on it from December 10 - 14,2012 and stitched the quail, applied it to the background fabric and worked on getting all the leaves done - some were wired, some were applied to the fabric.... and then, after learning all the things that were of interest to me at that time the project 'sat' in my UFO drawers!  Some other deadline must have entered into the game plus I remember lots of snow that winter... so who knows what I kept myself busy with after this - my hunch is it was Japanese embroidery.     Well, I am glad to report it is now 'finished' so now it will move to the "to be framed" drawers or just sit propped up until I have the time to select and order the frame.
This proved to be an interesting project, lots of areas of fine stitching, discovery and experimentation of materials and techniques... it has elements of stumpwork techniques with modern applications of materials.

So, here are the pictures :

where I left off in December of 2012

adding all the details - October,2014

After a few evenings of stitching : FINISHED!

An attempt to show the dimensionality of this piece

made some changes from the original directions...



Maxine D said...

This looks amazing in the photos, so IRL it must be stunning!! Love the use of the variegated ribbon and the way you have over-stitched it. The wee feathers under the breast are gorgeous - are they needle lace?

Marsha said...

This piece is just so beautiful. I don't say that lightly. Love the colors, composition, sparkles, everything. Makes me happy to look at it.

Anonymous said...

c'est tout simplement "splendide"
un vrai chef d'oeuvre.