Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Switching gears...

I have been wanting to work on silk embroidery for a long while now... tried to do so but my shoulder/arm is still not strong enough yet.  So, I delved back into my UFO areas this time determined to find something on non-countable ground.
I am switching gears from samplers on linen to crewel on twill.  This was a project started on a trip a very long while ago.  It is a nice little piece by TristanBrooks using a variety of crewel stitches.  The theme of the piece is season appropriate - acorns and squirrels abound outside.
This is how I left this piece off years ago

A few hours into stitching this again....


Maxine D said...

What a wonderful change you have chosen Nupur - and your progress is already looking gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

il serait dommage de ne pas le terminer, car il est très joli!
A bientôt