Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Unearthing two more UFOs + a small triumph!

Okay, so it seems that most people who took the time to answer liked my version of the thicker stem on the crewel piece Autumn Frolic.  I will revisit this project one more time at the end of this month and then make the final decision.

In the meantime I unearthed two other UFOs (unfinished objects) - one of them is a Japanese embroidery class sample I had started early last year.  I have stitched many class samples so that my students have a 'real' life sample available to study during class in adjunct to all the materials they have.  The other is a cute little stumpwork/mixed media project by a EGA/ANG teacher, Lynn Payette.  She has an amazing talent for putting together various techniques and I was intrigued by this little piece.  I was so enthusiastic about learning the techniques that I had most of this done in about four days - and then, after learning about how certain things were accomplished this little project ended up being sidelined and other things took up my attention.  I took out both these projects this time - the Japanese embroidery as one of my bimonthly 'trials' to see if I could even stretch my arm across the frame ever since this frozen shoulder issue started and the "Little Quail" just because I am biting time with finishing things from the UFO drawers.

Well, I can finally stretch my arm out enough and control my needle enough to do Japanese embroidery again!!! Albeit for short periods of time BUT I'll take it!!!!  In time I know I will be able to do more ...

So here are the two projects :
... where I left off years ago....

... where I left off early last year....

Chrysanthemum and leaves completed - 2 days, short periods of stitching BUT still a small triumph!


Maxine D said...

This is the first of your Japanese embroidery that I have seen Nupur, and it is stunning. So glad to hear your shoulder is improving. DH has just been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder :-(.

Cis said...

Nice to see your Japanese embroidery, Nupur. This is the one I am working on so this can serve as an example for me like I'm taking lessons at yours. But it is a little too far to attend classes with you, don't you think?
I am glad to hear that your shoulder does what he has to do.
Hope to see you soon!! Later ;-D