Friday, June 22, 2018

Ten day Progress on Sarah Braizear sampler

Just a quick post on my intermittent stitching while watching recordings of tennis championships and horse races.... stitching can be described as being  'interrupted' or 'intermittent'  at best because the caliber of play in the tennis championships has been extraordinary and watching the races at Ascot has been entertaining.  It is interesting to see how technology has given us easy access to watching the heart, passion, dedication to excellence in so many fields... music, art, sports - all areas where details matter just like in needlework.  They are perfect arenas to see how much can be achieved by the human mind and spirit if we choose to focus our minds and thoughts.
In any case, this simple cross stitch sampler has proven to be a good choice for summer stitching  - it is a good way to just 'cruise' and allow the mind to just plan and think through priorities regarding future needlework projects.  I was initially planning to work this sampler systematically but that became a bit too boring at times because of the repetition of motifs (slight differences) since it is a fairly symmetrical sampler,  so I decided to establish the perimeters and some other areas and just be a bit free with my approach.... enjoying the 'freedom' of this approach for the moment!
From the center to the right side

From the center to the left side

 From the left center to the bottom left border


Nina Houghton said...

Nupur, the name of your blog makes my heart sing! I am also admiring your work. I haven't had an opportunity to begin my Sarah Braizear sampler, since I am finishing up a cardigan I am knitting for my Mum. But looking at yours make me anxious to get started. I enjoyed reading your blog, and I'm looking for a way to follow it.

Nupur said...

Thanks Nina for all your kind words- glad you like the small sampling of my work - needless to say I love all things ‘needlework’.
There should be a ‘subscribe or Follow’ button in the right side of the post. Let me know if you find it ... still sorting out some of the changes that have happened on blogger ...
enjoy your knitting and stitching - main thing is to have fun!

Clare said...

Your sampler is growing a little faster than mine. I hope to show my progress soon. Happy Stitching.

Maxine D said...

I enjoy following your work - and this sampler looks beautiful thus far

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